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Jesus vs. Godzilla Jesus vs. Godzilla

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Giga Drill fail

By turning Gurren Lagann into Eva, you brought shame on this movie, you don't mix badass with angst

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Madness Consternation Madness Consternation

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

As Good as ever

Krinkels, Madness is as violent as ever I see. Great though it may be, it isn't perfect yet. For example, Antipathy is the best violence wise, yet the music, though good, doesn't fit and hence takes away from its greatness. Consternation on the other hand, has somewhat fitting music and a higher animation quality. But it just feels wrong without the constant weapon switching. I'm looking forward to 8, good luck on it.

Madness Antipathy Madness Antipathy

Rated 4 / 5 stars

kk, full review from Mr Gargantua

Antipathy n 1: a feeling of intense dislike [syn: aversion, distaste] 2: the object of a feeling of intense aversion; something to be avoided; "The clown was his greatest antipathy"

+ thats a fitting name for this chapter
- the violence didn't really flow as well as it could have throughout the entire episode
- the audio in the first half was so-so, along with the intro.
+ Axe is probably the coolest maddness weapon yet
+/- all the characters are looking really down now that they are so "dead"
+ lots of violence and blood
- to many shell casings, they just lag it up.
- better song could have been picked for the final 3rd
+ clown in possible true form
- "true" form looks kinda small and bad.
+ lots of weapons
- no full auto rampages

Over all very, very nice. but not the best maddness, ratings only point to the frenzy of ZOMG the 6th maddness combat. just like Halo 2 and such. most of the score is the hype.

I know you can do better krinkels, this is nowhere near your skill limit.

and an idea for some one more powerful then the clown: G-man

a bullet proof, unkillable creapy guy in a blue suit who can control time and space and likes to play around with peoples lives would make such a cool ultra-arch-vilan.

keep it up

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Chav Hunter Chav Hunter

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Definition of a Chav

to clarify on what a chav is:

It is a term used alot in the UK. I got this definition of a friend whose over there.

chavs are NEDS.

Neds are non-educated delinquants.

They typically wear tracksuits, caps set off at an angle, speak in their own language (similar to japanese) and pick fights with everyone

they arn't just black drug dealers. they are all the idiots who act in that way that everybody hates.

BTW, fun game

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First Rave First Rave

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A good first.

+ Good beats throughout the song
- The song seems to have two of itself played back to back without a third part inbetween, good for loops not good for standalone songs.
- lower level Drum lines were prettymuch the same throughout the entire song. More diversity as the song shifts would be nice.
- Everything was over normalised, you had a few instruments that stood out but the octave of everything was about equal leading to a general flatline of diversity.
= that "overbalanced instrument at :42 wansn't a problem at all, introduced variety
- That said you might have kept it up for to long.
+ Well Mastered
+ Enjoyable to listen too.

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Out Cold--_--(0:59) Out Cold--_--(0:59)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


- to be bennys style it would have to be even kickier and gritier
+ it had a good beat going for it
+ theres something intrinisicly good sounding about everything you make
+ gritty bass sounded good
- needed to be a bit longer

Climb the Tower--_--LOOP Climb the Tower--_--LOOP

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Simple and sweet

I come back to find that you've changed your name.

do you know how :( that makes me feel?

I should review some of your stuff because of that.

+ VERY clean piano.
+ simple orchastrated beat through the song.
- its hollow, in a bad way, hollowness is only good when its to go along with a darker scene/area/theme. not good when its all happy sounding piano
- it doesn't loop very well, the ending the the beggining are off to much.
+ beautiful intro piano as I hear it for the third time. it sounds better then the rest of the song for some reason. Im thinking its because it has alot of flow to it.