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First Rave First Rave

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A good first.

+ Good beats throughout the song
- The song seems to have two of itself played back to back without a third part inbetween, good for loops not good for standalone songs.
- lower level Drum lines were prettymuch the same throughout the entire song. More diversity as the song shifts would be nice.
- Everything was over normalised, you had a few instruments that stood out but the octave of everything was about equal leading to a general flatline of diversity.
= that "overbalanced instrument at :42 wansn't a problem at all, introduced variety
- That said you might have kept it up for to long.
+ Well Mastered
+ Enjoyable to listen too.

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Out Cold--_--(0:59) Out Cold--_--(0:59)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


- to be bennys style it would have to be even kickier and gritier
+ it had a good beat going for it
+ theres something intrinisicly good sounding about everything you make
+ gritty bass sounded good
- needed to be a bit longer

Climb the Tower--_--LOOP Climb the Tower--_--LOOP

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Simple and sweet

I come back to find that you've changed your name.

do you know how :( that makes me feel?

I should review some of your stuff because of that.

+ VERY clean piano.
+ simple orchastrated beat through the song.
- its hollow, in a bad way, hollowness is only good when its to go along with a darker scene/area/theme. not good when its all happy sounding piano
- it doesn't loop very well, the ending the the beggining are off to much.
+ beautiful intro piano as I hear it for the third time. it sounds better then the rest of the song for some reason. Im thinking its because it has alot of flow to it.

Redemption Lost - Loop - Redemption Lost - Loop -

Rated 4 / 5 stars


its nice but not perfect, here are my thoughts:

+ the song went through some nice stages, the little modifications to the beat did well.
- I think a few people have stated this before, but you need a greater pitch range, which is done by moving up and down the octave scale a bit more. and it results in more frequencies being audible, especially if you have different layers of instruments at different octaves.
+ the loop is almost seamless
+ good pick for main instrument.
+ the flute(?) behind it was a good accent to it.

&amp;lt;R&amp;gt; Icenight <R> Icenight

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

more Rawrthaas!

mmmm, another good one

+ loved the fade out where it fell out and morphed to that simple beat, then rebuilt.
+ loved the instrument choice throughout it.
- except the distorted piece in the beggining, that could have been better.
+ excelent job with the layering. most of the song was really well accented by the things you built around the main beats.

really great

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Rawrthaas responds:

Thanks man :D

Dimrain47, LOL!--_-- Dimrain47, LOL!--_--

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I listened to all dimrain's stuff again before reviewing this.

And you asked the question as to why his stuff's so popular even with only strait samples?

its because he's a master of beat mixing, all of his songs go through phases. The beat changes are well executed and all the beats are really addictive. thats all he needs.

now a review:
+ the sytrus sounds great, really a Dimrain style.
+ the bassline was great as well
+ like the way the beat kinda evolved over the cource of the song, it didn't change alot, but It was kept new.
- the 3Xosc and sytrus were fighing at points instead of layering. its because of the way you have their patternas and volumes. you might want to adjust them a bit

really nice, even though another 20 or 30 BPM would have made it closer to Dimrains charateristic speed

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PERVOK responds:

I dislike you.

Flashburn - Enigma (loop) Flashburn - Enigma (loop)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Short and sweet

nice little loop you got flashburn

+ the beat was nice
+ and you picked good instrumentes to underlay and accent the main beat. the best part of the song is when they kick in.
- the beat itself is really generic

its to short to say much else on it.

keep the good music comming

-=LJC=- She fed me the lotus -=LJC=- She fed me the lotus

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

uber Randomness

+ nice high trance, high, techno feel to it. very random because of it
- to random at parts, it ripped you away from the song a bit when it got out of hand.
- some of the samples you used really didn't fit
+ the random element did however keep the song fresh. its a big bonus when your audience doesn't get tired of a song they're listening to.
+ alot of the beats you used were really good, and you could probably make standalone songs out of them.

LJCoffee responds:

Thank you for this review - I like your review style - it helps identify both strong and weak points in a very clear way.

I appreciate the time and effort!

Rucklo - Dratsabgnik Rucklo - Dratsabgnik

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wierd song, cool though

+ its a real pure electronica song. with some cool underlayed rhythms.
+ nice and randomness to it, keeps it from being anywhere near repeditive, it feels like a fresh beat throughout the entire thing.
+ instrument choice was nice througout the entire thing.
- some of the instruments were a bit to hidden, or otherwise conquered by something else. which is what background sounds are supposed to take the brunt of, but at times the main beats are kinda obsucured and fighting each other.
+ I loved it in the intro how it really gives you the feel that the song it just going to be random.
+ build effect some time after the intro was good.
- The song really lacks something to make it great. it has alot of really cool beats and transforms itself alot, but it just lacks something

9.5 outa 10 rounds to 10

Rucklo responds:

Thanx alot for GREAT review man! This really got me thinking. The instruments are eq´ed and should be clear, but they DO fight each other since allmost none of them is thought of as background-instruments, like you mentioned. I should have been automating the levels to clear thinngs up!
It lacks "it", and im well aware of it... i couldnt get it to "punch" kindof... dunno why :(

Glad you enjoyed the song though ,and thanx alot for taking the time making a really good review!

Midsummer Rain Midsummer Rain

Rated 4 / 5 stars


+ its a nice soft beat, good for an ambient track.
- that little jingle a few seconds after the beggining where you had the middle one higher then the other two really needs to be changed. its a kind of breaking beat.
+ nice accenting beats nearing the midway point, they do a good job adding ambience to the track
- Track lacks placement. when you make an ambient piece you really need to focus on what setting the piece is in. when you do that it effects what presents and instruments you end up using, and give the listener a place to go to when he hears it.
+ the beat is a complex enough at parts to save it from complete repeditveness. there were some more parts where some more layers would be nice.

pretty good overall

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x-kinetiK-x responds:

+Thanks, I was going for a soft, rain-like feel.
-I'm not sure what you're talking about... The bells don't change at all until about a minute into the song.
+Thanks again :)
-Actually this was completely based on a setting, which was the weather earlier that day. It's supposed to show the feeling I get from rain while it's sunny out. But apparently I didn't convey it well enough.
+I was thinking about putting those drums in more of the song... But I decided against it because I wasn't sure if it broke the calm too much. Looking back, it probably would've made it a lot better. Oh well.

I may remake/add to this song in the future. If I do, I'll probably let you know so you can critique the changes.

Thanks for the review! Like you said, you have a very original reviewing style and it's much appreciated.